Birthday Cake

Nyla Simba Woody Winston

Hi My name is Nyla Jane, they call me Nyla Jane. I am a greyhound mix and one of the chefs. I came from South Suburban Human Sociality.

On her way to the rainbow bridge, Sasha stopped by and told me that her brother Kaelinn was bringing their human mama to get me, and for me not to worry. You know I was about to take the green mile walk there because I had been there so long. Sure enough, two days later a lady with an elderly German Shepard appeared.

The German Shepard knew me! He brought the lady directly to my cage and introduced us. He said that his name was Kaelinn and that his sister Sasha had sent him and that they were taking me home. At the time, I didn't know what a home was, I had only heard the other dogs in here take about it as something nice.

Kaelinn told me that the lady was my new mama and her name was mama Cathy and that I had another brother, his son at home waiting for me. He said my brother name was Simba.

They put me in the car and took me home, to a house with a big back yard. Kaelinn introduced me to the neighbors , Miss Precious, Corky, Sspike from the alley, Duncan down the street and Uncle Bob. They all knew me, they said Sasha told them all about me.

Kaelinn and my new mom taught me the bakery business. I learned how to detect the good cookies by stealing them from... I mean sampling them from the table and barking out a review. My specialty is cupcakes as well as cookies, peanut butter and banana.

Oh I almost forgot, I am two years old and my birthday is on June 4th.

Hi my name is Simba Jai. They call me Simba. I am 4 years old and my birthday is September 17th. The vet says that I am a tabby cat, but what does he know. I am a German Sheppard.

My Mama and Papa were German Sheppard, Sasha Rae and Kaelinn Jessmontti. Sasha went to the rainbow bridge 10/25/05 and my papa went 9/26/06. They raise me and gave me my great, great grandfather's name, Jai. Now I
am the man of the house, but I'm still my human mama's baby boy.

I have two sisters a Bullmastiff and a gray hound mix. I guess you would
call us a blended family, the way God intended us all to be!

My specialty is cat treats, cookies, cakes and
baskets with toys, lots and lots of toys!!!!

My bake goods have been tried and tested by me (as well as a few strays in the neighborhood) and they are fantastic!!!

Hi my name is Woodra Semone and they call me Woodie. I am a Bullmastif and my birthday is July 17th. I am two years old and a big girl! I like it when they call me big girl!!

The family who adopted me could not care for me, and I was sent away. On the way to the shelter, this German Shepard angel appeared and told the man to take me to mama Cathy and Kaelinn. So he did. I was scared at first because I didn't know where I was going, but as soon as I arrived this German Shepard who looked just like the angle one came outside and said, "hi, I'm Kaelinn and this is our mama, Cathy." Then this little greyhound came out eating a cookie and said, "hi, I'm Nyla Jane, they call me Nyla Jane. I'm your big sister, cause I'm one month older then you." She took me in the back yard and introduced me to all of the neighbors and we played and played and played. When our mama called us in to eat, the man was gone. Kaelinn said that I was home never was going to leave. I was happy.

Kaelinn and Nyla Jane taught me the baking business. Nyla Jane taught me how to put a dozen cupcakes in the box. You put 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, a dozen!! That Nyla Jane sure is smart. My specialty is the paw cakes. Paw cakes and cupcakes for big girls and boys and they taste so good!!

Kaelinn went to the rainbow bridge September 26, 2006 and is there with Sasha. But before he went, he made sure me and Nyla Jane had a home and that Simba had help taking care of mama Cathy.

Sasha and Kaelinn still stop by to see us. Kaelinn knocks on the back door and while mama is asleep, he takes her pillow and place it where he used to at the foot of the her bed and Sasha rubs up against mama's leg and moves her slippers. At night, they both still sleep with her in her room. Mama thinks that she is just imagining hearing or feeling them, but they are really there.

Mama Cathy doesn't know we use her computer or that we can type and talk and we will keep this our little secret!
Hi my name is Winston Augustus. I was born on February 9, 2008. I come from a shelter. I am a Terrier mix ( Hee Hee that's short for Pit)  Anyway  Nyla and Woodie has helped me write my Pawagrfee.  I am now a licensed pawified chefs in our bakery.  My speciality is the big hard cookie.  I love getting ready for holidays and doggie shows.  Now that I am older, I get to name some of the treats and select specials each month.  Visit me on our message board and send  a blog or two and let me know what you like.  You can even send me an e-mail and I will write back.  Take care and have a Pawriffic Day,  Winston.

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