Birthday Cake

Welcome to Paw Paws Pet Bakery

I started this business to give dogs and cats healthy treats and to
cater to pets and their special needs. I care about my pets
(a senior dog, two puppies and a scrappy cat) and I also care about yours. I love animals. They are like children. Let me help you keep them happy and healthy at the same time with my fresh and unique
cookies, muffins and cakes.

Catherine Collier, Owner

Get your travel needs met at
Paw Paws Pet Bakery!

Our Healthy Treats: A Piece of Mind!

Take time to read the back of your cat or dogs treats right now.
How many ingredients do you NOT recognize?

How many times do you see the words "artifical" or "preservatives"?
Did you every wonder why the expiration date is so long on your pet treats?


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Paw Paws Pet Bakery --- Home of the 4 Chefs
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